“To become aware and to know one self: the essentials to a life of magic”
Elisabetta Franzoso
I am a fully accredited Life and Wellness coach, counsellor, trainer and speaker from Italy who’s lived in Asia for the last 23 years. Since 2001, I have developed a deep interest in the field of personal development, specifically in the area of well being and communication. My global exposure has enabled me to integrate multicultural life experiences and styles into my practice.
My wish is to stimulate people around the world to grow and dream. …more

Over 25 years of living in Asia, I’ve developed a unique, multicultural and whole-person approach to my work, through which I aim to facilitate self awareness and guide clients to make the personal changes they desire in their thinking processes, emotional patterns, health management and relationships. On the whole, my approach is to enthusiastically support people to strive to live authentically and effectively, achieve personal freedom, good health and success at 360 degree, through coaching, counseling sessions, workshops & talks, holidays and full immersion weekends and retreats. …more
Travelling, wandering and venturing into a brand new life and perspective with one intent in
mind: going beyond the limits of what you currently see, believe and feel! …more