Hello to All of You! Better ….to all of us!

I’m Elisabetta, 54, originally Italian. After living 24 years in Asia, I am now settled in Barcelona, Spain, and my passion is to inspire, motivate and educate.

This is a new blog with a clear goal: stimulating knowledge about ourselves and out well-being at 360 degrees.

Where can we start from?

Two keywords:
Love and Responsibility ‘.
The first of these 2 words is practically loved and welcome by everyone.
The second … Well, the second keyword is decisively a’ challenging’ one for many of us.
When it comes to talk about Wellness or Well-Being at 360 degrees, both words represent fundamental values, necessary to build real well-being with ourselves and others.

Love: what is Love?
Responsibility: what does Responsibility mean?

And what do ‘Love and Responsibility’ represent in the context of personal wellness?

In this blog, the intention is clear: offering a point of view. Not certainly the truth.

A point of view limited or enriched by personal perceptions and beliefs, which I do not expect everyone may like or welcome.
A human point of view conditioned by my own life and work experiences.

How to bring forward such an intention?
-By writing on this blog about variou issues that affect our personal and total wellness.

– By sharing personal experiences as a woman, mother, ex-wife, daughter, coach and speaker, in order to inspire and motivate those interested to the subject of total well-being.

– Finally by giving life to a mosaic of articles that may facilitate the understanding of ourselves and our wellness in 4 dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional and relational.

Ready to start this journey together?

Follow me and I will follow you through your comments and feedback, always stimulating and of course always welcome!

Get Into Your Groove: Well-being in 4 Dimensions

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