Travelling, wandering and venturing.

Where? Into a brand new life and perspective with one intent in
mind: going beyond the limits of what you currently see, believe and feel!

With who?
Certainly not alone, but with a small group of men and women from all around the world.

Accompanied by?
Elisabetta, your Life-Wellness Coach for the trip.

The goal?
Having fun and meeting new people. Learning and discovering new places and sensations. Relaxing and energising the soul. Moving, walking, laughing, doing and simply being at one with yourself and others around you.

What else?
Discovering and developing self-motivation whilst relating, sharing, listening and learning from the group and the adventure ahead. Certain times you’ll be faced with experiences alone and others within a group. Regardless, each day you’ll be guided by an experienced and passionate coach towards a fuller sense of well being.

Getting to know your own ‘groove’ and learning to observe ourselves in our light as well as our shadow is today an indispensable experience for the modern global citizen. We’re constantly faced with stressful situations that exhaust us and create anxiety, as well as our fears and doubts exasperated by the expectations of modern society on us as individuals. A society which is growing at a rapidity that realistically man cannot keep up with without serious consequences on his or her health.
As individuals we are quick to lose control when faced with so many stressors and expectations, so we become trapped and grow more confused in our daily lives. Lost in the chaos of our fast pace routines it becomes almost impossible to regain power in our lives as we quickly forget when exactly it was that we lost our power in the first place. So we separate from one another, growing ever blinder to the fact that we’re all in fact interconnected.
And sometimes, somehow, we may reach a crossroads. One where we wish to make a change to our lifestyle and to our lacking sense of purpose. We may be inspired to understand ourselves and others better and take a step towards building a better life in all aspects including health, work and relationships. This is the golden moment when the individual takes responsibility for his own behaviours and attitudes and may look for a mentor they can trust to help them along the way of self development.


This holiday being offered is a chance to be led by an experienced, life-wellness coach and can be exactly that… the step passed the crossroad… the wish coming true. It will offer the opportunity of being a part of a small multicultural, English-speaking group of people who, besides wanting to have fun discovering new places, shares your desire to get to know themselves and others better. A holiday with the common desire to connect and be together and travel beyond what we already believe, see and feel.

When your need of well-being at 360 degrees is deep and intentional, a tailor-made intensive weekend or full-immersion week of coaching and/or counselling and communication training, can be a valuable option to be considered.

The places where I live and lived.
Barcelona or South of Spain.
Europe and Asia.