Both Holidays with a Life Coach and Weekend/full immersion Week Solutions, are designed to satisfy your needs, which is ultimately to obtain a quantifiable result in a short period of time. Both options can be organised in either Barcelona, where I currently reside, or in Italy or Singapore, two countries that I’ve lived in for very many years.
These are both equally beneficial for men and women looking to focus, flesh out and learn more about themselves in as few as two days, whilst still having a significant and inspiring new tool set and language to integrate into every day life. This is not to say that you’re journey must end after you’re weekend or week is over. You’re more than welcome to continue your introspective work on a weekly basis with me via Skype or FaceTime, should you feel the desire or necessity to do so. The continued interaction would encourage you to deepen and consolidate your transformation from the inside out.

If you’re interested in receiving more details regarding the Weekend or Full Immersion weeks taking place in Barcelona, Europe and Asia, please fill in the form here below.


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