Over 25 years of living in Asia, I’ve developed a unique, multicultural and whole-person approach to my work, through which I aim to facilitate self awareness and guide clients to make the personal changes they desire in their thinking processes, emotional patterns, health management and relationships. On the whole, my approach is to enthusiastically support people to strive to live authentically and effectively, achieve personal freedom, good health and success at 360 degree, through coaching, counseling sessions, workshops & talks, holidays and full immersion weekends and retreats.

I structure my work with each client using 3 guidelines:

    1. To lead the client to connect and work with their creative side, which is often misunderstood and needs to be managed in a more effective way. To reawaken the forgotten, childlike part of the client through fun. This helps to open channels of curiosity and spontaneity, which we are gifted with as children. In time, the client may come to recognize and achieve a wholesome equilibrium between their inner child and adult self.
    2. To stimulate the client to open up, rediscover trust and go beyond their fear. To help them discover the emotional fortress they may have built up along the years as a wall of protection from negative life experiences and cultural / environmental conditioning. To explore and break down the limitations this kind of emotional prison can be responsible for. The aim here is essentially to build self awareness and finding the balance between one’s body, intellect and emotions.
    3. To motivate the client to search for knowledge and a sense of ‘self’ and purpose, without adhering to any particular spiritual tradition. To reconnect the client with their essence. To facilitate the healing process by introducing various self growth tools acquired over my 30 years of studies and training. At this stage, the aim is to transform and/or improve the level of personal wellbeing, to increase the efficiency and positive attitude in the client’s communication with themselves (intrapersonal communication) and to help the client understand and modify if necessary, the interpersonal dynamics of communication in family, work and social relationships.

In order for real, deep change to occur within us, we must first overcome our fears and protective sense of superiority and self-relieance. As humans we naturally tend to defend the belief system but to break down those walls we’ve built for ourselves means asking for help and most times revealing our very safe guarded vulnerabilities. It’s when these shields are lowered that we need a human role to stimulate, inspire and motivate us; a living example of the values we’re looking to adopt and set into practice in our lives. Not only a guide, but a mirror, which reflects and projects our own image. This tool not only helps us recognise strenghts we possess which we have not acknowledged, but also highlights problem areas and blind spots so that we can finally confront them.
In my role as your integrative life-wellness coach and holistic counsellor, my objective and intent is to become a trustful and trusted human guide for you whilst maintaining objectivity and impartiality. I aim to work with you as your mirror and motivating role model.

I help people from all walks of life, culture and age, who may find themselves stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, conflicted, depressed and/or simply lacking self confidence and struggling to reach their full human potential. People who want to change their lifestyles, improve their image of themselves, heal, have fun and feel energized and rejuvenated. People whose desire is to be well all round, enjoy good health and ultimately find their own ‘groove’ to continue living life with.
Step 1
In order to find your own ‘groove’ and get to know yourself at 360 degrees, it is advisable that clients feel the authentic need inside to take their first step that is to say taking genuine personal responsibility and wishing to change at least in one area of life, health or career.

Step 2
Then clients need showing the will power required to enter the action and start the adventure. They must choose their ‘guide’ according to their needs and wants. I always suggest a careful search for the coach or counsellor or mentor who will be guiding them along the journey of self-discovery and with whom it will be necessary to build a bond of deep trust a process that will be possible only step by step and in due time.

Step 3
Upon a 30 min session chemistry meeting, a contract or agreement between the coach-counsellor or mentor and the client, must be agreed and finally signed up.
The number of sessions which I advise to each client goes between 8 to 12, ( more or less 3 months ). Each session with me, last 75min.

Step 4
At this point the adventure starts with a frequency of 1 session per week or every 2 weeks, according to clients needs.
Sessions can happen on site or at distance on Skype, What’s App or FaceTime for clients living in Europe or around the world.

Free 30 Min. consultation with no obligation to book further sessions