I am a fully accredited Life and Wellness coach, counsellor, trainer and speaker from Italy who’s lived in Asia for the last 23 years. Since 2001, I have developed a deep interest in the field of personal development, specifically in the area of well being and communication. My global exposure has enabled me to integrate multicultural life experiences and styles into my practice.
I work with a 360-degree approach that takes body, mind, emotions and relationships into consideration, working with men and women of any age, culture and background. I work within diverse groups of different sizes in both corporate and personal fields.
My passion is to inspire and motivate. My dream is to enjoy life fully every day for what it really is… an adventure. My wish is to stimulate people around the world to grow and dream.

MY BACKGROUND While respecting my Italian roots, in my work I integrate multicultural life experiences and styles, studies and training acquired in half of a life lived in the two opposite hemispheres, East and West.

I find true joy in inspiring men and women of all ages and social status. I’m driven to educate people and support them to become aware of the importance of nurturing their mental, emotional and physical well being as well as positive and authentic communication and relationships. The ultimate objective? To help people grow into a life of personal freedom and success.

Many years of training and studying Psychology, Counselling, Fitness and Education in Asia, Australia, the US and Europe, allow me to bring a integrative, holistic and multicultural approach to my work. I design tailor made coaching and counseling programs according to each individual and/or group’s needs and work with individuals face to face or at a distance, through weekly sessions or full immersion weekends.
My past studies have enabled me to blend various self development tools and methodologies for personal growth like Bioenergetics, NLP, Enneagram of personalities, Gstaldt, Systemic Family Constellations, Yoga, Movement therapy, Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology. And at the bottom of it all, I aim to maintain a foundation of relaxation, creativity, movement, fun and lightness in all individual and group sessions.
In 2015, I started to build a network of professionals with different fields of expertise within the self help sector, in both Asia and Europe. The ultimate goal being to build a multicultural and global network of professionals motivated by the same desire to encourage men and women to grow and dream.

We can’t fully educate and transform ourselves alone. Choosing to trust the skills of a well experienced ‘guide’, who can offer objective, informed and unbiased advice, is one of the first and most useful steps to take when looking to achieve personal well being in our lives, relationships and work.

The global citizen of today would greatly benefit to going back to basics. To simply slowing down, stopping and taking a breath amongst the usual stresses of daily modern life. In order to live fully, freely, responsibly and happily, and to achieve personal success, the modern individual must choose to nurture a positive attitude and cultivate physical, intellectual and emotional health. It is a choice to be and feel well inside and outside. You must desire to familiarize yourself with your innate skills and the ones to humbly acquire. I implore you to become curious of discovering your own ‘groove’… your individual rhythm of life.
In order to achieve deep change we need to overcome our fears and behavioral patterns step by step. We must surrender to our sometimes repressed nature of asking for help and be willing to show our vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
It is helpful in these cases to have someone else to confront, who can trigger, motivate and inspire; an authentic role model who lives some of the values we’d like to develop, whom we can look to and reference when integrating said values into our own lives. In my role as a life wellness coach and holistic counsellor, I aim to become a trusted, objective human guide, mirror and model, available and determined to help you achieve your personal development.

  • Diploma in Psychology – Singapore (1998)
  • Master Psychological Counselling – Australia (2003)
  • Former Hoffman Process Teacher – Hoffman Institute – Italy ( 2002 )
  • Life Mastery – Results Coaching Certificate – Tony Robbins – USA (2001)
  • NLP – Certificate – Singapore (2007)
  • Wellness Coach Certificate – USA (2009)
  • FISAF Fitness Training Certificate – Singapore (2009)
  • Shadow Coaching Training – The Ford Institute – Usa (2001)
  • 5 Rhythms Training – USA (2000)
  • Hatha Yoga Training – India (2006)
  • WEPSS Enneagram Spectrum Train the Trainer – Singapore (2013)
  • Family Constellations- Singapore (2012)
  • EQ Train the Trainer – UK (2014)
  • Bachelor Degree in Foreign Modern Languages and Literatures – Italia (1997)

  • APSS Asia Professional Speakers Association – Singapore
  • ToastMasters – Barcelona